How The Super Bowl Affects Your Wallet

How the Super Bowl Can Affect Your Wallet

We often hear about how much a single 30-second television advertisement for the Super Bowl costs (about $5.6 million this year), but how does the Super Bowl affect your wallet?

Updated on Jan 31 2020

It’s that time of the year! The AFC and NFC championships have concluded and we’re getting ready for the biggest game of the year. The Super Bowl is possibly America’s largest stage, drawing an audience of over 98 million people last year. And, along with the game, comes a whole host of celebrations. There are sure to be some major celebrations in San Francisco and Kansas City this year, but no matter where you live, the Super Bowl’s presence will be felt. We often hear about how much a single 30-second television advertisement for the Super Bowl costs (about $5.6 million this year), but how does the Super Bowl affect your wallet? Learn here:

Going to the Super Bowl

Watching the Super Bowl can be an expensive experience. This can be true in many circumstances. But, if you’re attending the game in-person, things will get even more costly, quick. Tickets can range between four and five thousand dollars. And, if you also don’t live in the Miami area, travel to Super Bowl LIV could cost you thousands more. This isn’t meant to dissuade you from the trip of a lifetime, but be sure that you’re aware of the major financial implications involved in this decision.

Watching the Game From Home

Watching the big game from the comfort of your couch doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re spared all of the associated costs. This is especially true if you plan on hosting a watching party. Nearly 100 million people watch the Super Bowl each year, and they rarely do so without proper game-day snacks. Because of this, Americans consume over a billion chicken wings each Super Bowl season. This figure extends to many game day favorites like pizza, ribs, and potato chips, which will all be eaten in extremely high quantities.

Purchase Wisely

While no Super Bowl party will be complete without refreshments, we advise you to be mindful of your food purchases this season. It’s far too common for folks to over-buy in anticipation of the event, and this can lead to a great deal of both wasted food and money. So, whether you are hosting or attending a party, be sure to double-check how many people are attending and purchase your food in according quantities.

And, the same concept applies to alcohol. Plenty of folks prefer to enjoy the Super Bowl from the comfort of their local bar. In this case, you’ll still need to be aware of your purchasing. Sports bars can have great game-day specials, but beware of Super Bowl-sized markups as well. Because of this, some folks prefer to indulge from home. Beer, wine, and liquor are purchased in huge quantities leading up to the Super Bowl. As with food, you should be sure you have a reasonable idea of how many people to expect before making a big purchase. This way, you won’t be spending more than you need to.

And of course, your finances are also affected by your health. Some indulgence is obviously okay, but you should be doubly mindful of the abundant snacks and free-flowing alcohol this gameday. Take care of your health, and your wallet!

Other Super Bowl Effects

Retirement typically means living on a fixed-income. Because of this, you need to focus in on the purchases that you need to make, versus those that you’d like to make. Unfortunately, gambling or betting would fall into the category of unnecessary spending. The Super Bowl draws more betting than any other event or competition. Billions of dollars are bet on the Super Bowl each year, much of which is done illegally. So, keep yourself financially healthy this Super Bowl Sunday and hold off on placing any bets.

Following all of that celebration, the American workforce sees one of the nation’s largest sick-days. Millions of folks call in sick to work on the Monday following the Super Bowl, which can mean lost wages if you don’t have any paid sick time. Additionally, you may want to keep an eye on the stock market following the Super Bowl. While not a proven science, it’s believed that a victory for the NFC champions will have a more positive effect on Wall Street. So, keep this in mind during the festivities.

The Super Bowl is an exciting time, and we hope that you enjoy it to the fullest. Be mindful of your purchases when planning a party, or especially a trip to the big game. It can be all too easy for folks to be caught up in the festivities and not realize exactly how much is being spent before it’s too late. And, this is doubly important for those in retirement who are living on a fixed income. “Small” purchases can quickly add up to far more than you were anticipating. So, plan ahead before making any Super Bowl party purchases, and enjoy the game

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