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Strides for longevity for seniors

Strides for Longevity: Making Sure Seniors Are Top-of-Mind

As longevity increases by approximately three years every generation because of medical and technological advances, researchers are examining not o...

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Ways to financially prepare yourself for medical challenges

4 Ways to Financially Prepare Yourself for New Medical Challenges

Growing older comes with benefits such as retirement and getting to enjoy the golden years, but if you aren’t financially prepared — especially for...

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How charitable gift giving can save you money

How Charitable Gift-Giving Can Save You Money

The old adage “you get more than you give” takes on a literal meaning when it comes to reducing taxes through charitable giving. However, this year...

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Dont overspend on valentines day

Don't Overspend on Valentine's Day: Think Thoughtful Gifts

Showing your love and affection does not have to make a dent in your wallet. Learn why a thoughtful gift is often better than expensive gift and ge...

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Top tax mistakes to avoid

Top Tax Mistakes to Avoid

Research shows that over 75 percent of people make simple tax mistakes on their return that could be costing them money and time. Learn about commo...

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Where you live affects your wealth

Where You Live Affects Your Wealth

Market researchers who studied the habits of millionaires concluded that your neighborhood and where you live plays a prominent role in how much yo...

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Retired nfl players fight for better pensions

Retired NFL Players Fight for Better Pensions

The upcoming Super Bowl is top-of-mind, yet retired NFL players are still fighting for better pensions. Football is an intense, physical sport but ...

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