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Financial resources for military families

Financial Resources for Military Families Who Lost a Loved One

Freedom is certainly not free and for those families who have had a loved one give the ultimate sacrifice; it can be devastatingly costly. In addit...

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Women taking control of finances

More Women Are Taking Control of Their Finances

Today’s senior women are taking more control of their finances, predominantly a role occupied by men in the past. As women take more of an interest...

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Tips to help you save on your medical bills

Top 5 Tips to Help You Save on Your Medical Bills

Healthcare is an expensive parts of retirement and experts believe that medical costs will continue to rise. Unlike previous generations who often ...

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Seniors choosing to work longer

Many Seniors Are Choosing to Work Longer

Seniors are choosing to stay in the workforce longer than ever before for many reasons, including changes in retirement policies, longevity and imp...

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Older americans losing jobs

Americans 55 and Older Are Suddenly Losing Jobs

While the unemployment rate for the U.S. as a whole has held steady, there has recently been a sudden decline in employment for people age 55 and o...

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Save on healthcare with preventative care

Save on Healthcare: Take Advantage of Preventative Care

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that Americans only take advantage of preventative services at half the recommended rate. A lack of...

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Medicaid work rules unfolds

Medicaid 'Work Rules' Begins to Unfold in the U.S

The Trump administration is beginning to roll out new work rules for Medicaid beneficiaries, compelling them to work or prepare for jobs to receive...

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